Spring Semester Tutoring

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Wish you had done better in your Spanish class last semester? Is your class getting harder?

Sign up for tutoring at the beginning of the Spring semester to avoid scheduling hassles later on.

Private tutoring can help you truly understand all of the tough stuff that gets thrown at you in the second half of the school year. If you feel like last semester has left you in a bit of a daze, take matters into your own hands by working with a tutor who can help you get back on your feet, and even get ahead of the game.

No one likes feeling behind in a class, and because of the cumulative nature of languages, those pesky grammar bits that confused you last semester aren’t going to go away!

As a tutor, I can be your ally. By explaining difficult concepts, giving you some individual attention, and supporting you with your projects, papers and test prep, I can help you find the confidence you need to succeed in your Spanish class.

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