Updated No Nonsense Spanish Workbook now available!

No Nonsense Spanish Workbook

Hot off the press! The No Nonsense Spanish Workbook now contains:

  • Expanded answer key printed in back of book
  • Active vocabulary learning activities
  • Chapter quizzes to test your learning
  • Over 20 creative writing activities
  • Take-it-Apart Grammar practice sections to improve reading comprehension
  • Most Common Spanish Verbs quick reference chart
  • Teaching and practice activities designed to address the specific areas in which students often struggle
  • Bonus Holiday activities!

Click here to get yours today. Available in paperback and ebook.

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Introducing Punch Cards for Summer Students!

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Don’t want to forget Spanish over the summer? Get a punch card!

  • 16 punches = $620

Save $100

Perfect for twice-a-week lessons all summer, with 3 weeks off for vacation!

  • 8 punches = $315

Save $45

Perfect for weekly lessons all summer, with 3 weeks off for vacation!

  • 4 punches = $170

Save $10.

Perfect for weekly lessons for one month.



  • Punch cards may be used at any time during the summer. A regular schedule is not required, although it is recommended. I am happy to be flexible with your schedule to accommodate any vacations, summer camp, etc.
  • Punch cards are available to new and current students.
  • Contact me for current student punch card prices.
  • Payment by cash, check or paypal.
  • All punch cards are non-refundable and expire on August 15, 2014.